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Harmony Housing was founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit, with a mission to preserve and provide affordable housing for low-income families throughout the country. Since its inception, Harmony has preserved nearly 200 properties, totaling almost 20,000 units of high-quality, rent and income-restricted affordable rental housing. From time to time, Harmony has strategically taken advantage of favorable markets and sold properties to reinvest proceeds into future affordable housing projects and free up capital for additional charitable contributions. Harmony owns over 40 multifamily properties with over 4,250 units in seven states.

Harmony Housing strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives through providing safe, comfortable, and affordable rental housing with supportive services and by making meaningful charitable contributions. Through the development, preservation and operation of affordable rental housing, Harmony has created a stream of cash flow to fund charitable causes worldwide. Since inception, Harmony has donated over $58 million dollars in charitable contributions.

In 2023, Harmony Housing purchased Harmony Housing Affordable Development, an affordable housing developer focused on the acquisition and preservation of affordable housing properties serving low- and moderate-income families and the elderly. HHAD offers a holistic approach to affordable housing owners by providing development, structured financing, and construction for the ultimate turn-key affordable housing solution. The senior management team has successfully preserved 269 properties and 18,530 units of high-quality, rent and income-restricted affordable rental housing in 12 states. This acquisition will provide substantial strategic advantages to both Harmony Housing and HHAD given their shared mission to address communities’ needs for affordable housing. It will expand services offered by the organization to encompass the creation of new affordable housing from the ground up with an industry-leading development team.